DOWN TO EARTH specialises in natural ailment and skincare solutions that harness the healing goodness of plant extracts. We offer practical, fuss-free and multi-purpose products to help simplify your everyday life and give you peace of mind.

We aspire to be the go-to brand for anyone seeking natural relief from pain, inflammation, abrasions or skin conditions, and those wanting to make and keep their skin healthy through naturally active plant-based skincare. Inspired and assisted by nature, we support our customers through products that promote health and offer care. We are the natural choice.

But our story does not start here…

Down To Earth was founded in 1997 by a medical herbalist as a small environmentally conscious company that used botanical raw ingredients, like the indigenous African potato from the rolling fields of KwaZulu Natal, to prepare herbal health products.

In 2014 new owners got involved, passionate about natural products and the healing potential of plants. We updated our brand and re-launched our products, remaining true to the ethos on which the company was created.

We believe our products will bring value to your life without burdening you or the Earth.

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